6 thoughts on “Modern Bride- 1970

  1. This seems to me a bit of an odd layout. The attendant has the way better dress, and because she is in the foreground and visually occupies the greater portion of the picture, it really seems that her dress is the one featured, and the bride is just the prop. Really turns the usual wedding dynamic on it’s side!

  2. I also think the bride needs a big straw hat; the scarf is too dowdy. Maybe with streamers of the ruffles on the skirt hanging down the back and flowers similar to her bouquet. And doesn’t the bodice of that dress look rather 1950s pointy?!

    1. Linda- I agree…the proportions of the hat and flowers are too small & the scarf is definitely different…but I have to admit that I love all those quirky things. :)

  3. I have this same magazine. I was married in 1970; the William Cahill dress a few pages into the magazine was my wedding dress… short sleeved with buttons all the way down the front… the 70’s produced awful looking wedding clothes… yuck!

    1. I’ll have to dig that issue out and take a look at the Cahill dress. Do you think women marrying now will be feel differently in twenty/thirty years about their bridal dresses?

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