Grab Bag- Vintage Cameras

Pottery Barn is offering some fantastic vintage cameras for sale.

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Family Album #7: Halloween


I came across this picture and couldn’t help but smile. As kids we had a lot of fun making our own Halloween costumes. One year we created masks out of paper bags. That’s me sitting on the ground with blond paper hair and ribbon. Mom, wearing blue paper hair, is holding my sister Sarah on her lap. Paul, my older brother, and some neighborhood friends are standing behind us.  Next to them is Grandma.

(Photo- Dad)

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‘Niblets’- The Zine

At the end of the summer I asked a bunch of bloggers to participate in a zine project. I gave them simple instructions- Come up with something that means autumn to you (a photo, an outfit, a story, etc.) and send it to me. When I received all the contributions I went to work putting them into a small zine measuring 2 3/8″ x 2  3/8″ square. I didn’t let any of the bloggers see the finished product until it arrived in their mailboxes. This photo shows the zine’s front cover with a pressed leaf in the opening. Curious to see inside? Linda, who was one of the participants, posted about it here.

Note- To all those who were part of this- a hearty thank you!

(Photo- Linda of  ‘Each Little World‘)

Chic Weekender

Looking back at Fall 1993–  Laura Ashley’s weekend wear wouldn’t be complete without classic British knits and wool coats. Fairisle cardigan, floral scarf (left) and cable stitch sweater and riding breeches (right).

Looking back at Fall 1993- Layers include a fairisle cardigan, suede vest, print skirt and white petticoat (left).

Looking back at Fall 1993- Always great combinations – a cable knit sweater and soft cotton floral skirt (left) or tweed coat, floral tapestry vest, silk shirt with corduroy pants (right).

Looking forward to Fall 2010- Harper’s Bazaar answer for cold weather dressing is lots of warm coats and chunky sweaters. D&G coat and Boss sweater.

Looking forward to Fall 2010- Weekends in the country or city are made for this checked coat, wool pants and fisherman’s sweater all by Tommy Hilfiger.

Looking forward to Fall 2010- Photo perfect in over-sized coat by Etro. Plaid skirt from Rochas and striped sweater at Vince.

(Photos- John Balsom for Harper’s Bazaar)

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