Haversack- Fall 2010

Could it be that the company Haversack was inspired by the workwear of ‘The Women’s Land Army?’ Regardless of the source, I love their modern interpretation of classics- riding breeches in wool plaids, shorter length jackets with details like contrasting trims and buttons, not to mention how cool everything looks with the leather field boots.

Note- Thanks to Ancient Industries for the link.

2 thoughts on “Haversack- Fall 2010

  1. Yes! I definitely see a refined Land Girl influence here! I laughed when I read this – I just blogged about Land Girls and Lumber Jills for this week’s Inspirational Women!

    This collection is just fabulous!

    1. Jane- Ahh…just read your post and love the series you’re doing on Inspirational Women. I’ve always admired Eleanor Roosevelt…for her strength of character and determination.

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