Then&Now: Granny Chic

Then- Granny attire was popular in the fall of 2004 and inspired this Vogue photo shoot. Key pieces- Alberta Ferretti violet goat hair cape, pin-tucked teal chiffon shirt and herringbone pleated skirt.

Then- A coat to rival any in Granny’s closet! This white one had a mink collar and fun pom-pom buttons. Worn underneath was a silver tweed skirt with matching handbag. All from Moschino.

Then- The look and feel of a real fur coat but none of the guilt. Both it and the nubby tweed skirt were by Perry Ellis.

Now- Chic looks taken from Granny are back again for fall 2010. The focus now is on a fun mix of textures, chunky necklaces and ankle socks. Key pieces- Tory Burch jacket , Dolce & Gabbana dress,  Christian Louboutin shoes, lace Falke socks, Koture bag and Cynthia Rowley glasses.

Now- What a combination! Black/purple dress and shoes by Miu Miu, jacket (same as previous photo), bag from Louis Vuitton,  Jennifer Behr headpiece and lace socks (same as previous photo).

Now- Pile it on with a fantastic coat from Fendi and dress by Diane von Furstenberg. Don’t forget the Janis Savitt necklaces, Falke socks and Armarni bag!

(Top photos- Tim Walker for Vogue. Fashion Editor- Grace Coddington. Bottom photos- Tesh for Marie Claire. Fashion Editor- Alison Edmond)

My Inspiration Board

I love inspiration boards, but sometimes I think they can get a bit messy with all the different sized images. So I’ve been scanning a lot of my favorite pictures onto 4×6 photo cards from Staples. Then I stick them to a painter’s canvas using blue tape. Right now I have two boards- one on fashion (a portion of it above)  and another on interior design and gardening.

A Green Wedding- 1995

Included in my list of  favorite weddings is this one from the premiere issue of Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine. I love how the bride opted out of the long white gown in favor of a short green dress.  I also appreciate how the couple used the same color green for all sorts of creative touches-  her shoes and handbag, the ink on their invitations, handmade soaps for favors, ribbon on bags of candy, a ring pillow and as icing on the cake. The wedding still looks great fifteen years later.


Photo-A-Day started out as a series of daily emails and photographs to my family in North Carolina. I thought it would be fun to occasionally post some for the readers of ‘Nibs.’

Mom & Dad,

We picked Curtis up at camp on Saturday. He had a great time with two separate overland backpacking trips. I can’t believe he carried 40-45 pounds worth of gear including the tent! Lots of funny stories too. After hiking all day he was drying out his damp socks by the fire and accidentally burned off one of the toes. He simply mended it with his trusty roll of duct tape. :)

Photo is of ‘Founder’s Lodge’ where the boys hang out and play ping pong, etc. The 1940’s Adirondack style building is partially constructed of logs  found on the camp property. Birch limbs are outfitted for lighting. There’s a rope and pulley system to open the upper windows. Check out that moose head on the fieldstone fireplace!



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Great Wardrobe Basics

button down shirt * cardigan * jeans * suede bag * loafers

baseball cap * wool blazer * wristlet purse

ski jacket * sweatshirt * sweatpants * leather bag

leather jacket * sunglasses * skirt * clutch * pumps

Elle Magazine, 2004

(Photos: Gilles Bensimon. Fashion editor: Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele)

For The Love Of Polaroids

If you’ve been following the saga of the Polaroid camera and its highly prized film, you are probably aware that both face extinction. Artists and fans of the camera are desperate to save it while at the same time buying up any unused film on ebay and Craig’s List. Rumors often circulate of a possible resurrection only to end in disappointment. The latest one is that by early 2011 a group in the Netherlands have plans to reopen an old Polaroid factory. Recently the New York Times requested readers to email copies of their photographs. To their surprise they received hundreds of responses. Take some time to view them here.

( Polaroid photo-Ray Ten)

Note- Thanks ‘Eastside Bride‘ for the link to this.