Photo-A-Day started out as a series of daily emails and photographs to my family in North Carolina. I thought it would be fun to occasionally post some for the readers of ‘Nibs.’

Mom & Dad,

We picked Curtis up at camp on Saturday. He had a great time with two separate overland backpacking trips. I can’t believe he carried 40-45 pounds worth of gear including the tent! Lots of funny stories too. After hiking all day he was drying out his damp socks by the fire and accidentally burned off one of the toes. He simply mended it with his trusty roll of duct tape. :)

Photo is of ‘Founder’s Lodge’ where the boys hang out and play ping pong, etc. The 1940’s Adirondack style building is partially constructed of logs  found on the camp property. Birch limbs are outfitted for lighting. There’s a rope and pulley system to open the upper windows. Check out that moose head on the fieldstone fireplace!



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    1. Tiffany- Isn’t that fireplace impressive?! Every time I look at it I marvel at how it was constructed. It doesn’t look that big in the photo but it’s quite large.

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