For The Love Of Polaroids

If you’ve been following the saga of the Polaroid camera and its highly prized film, you are probably aware that both face extinction. Artists and fans of the camera are desperate to save it while at the same time buying up any unused film on ebay and Craig’s List. Rumors often circulate of a possible resurrection only to end in disappointment. The latest one is that by early 2011 a group in the Netherlands have plans to reopen an old Polaroid factory. Recently the New York Times requested readers to email copies of their photographs. To their surprise they received hundreds of responses. Take some time to view them here.

( Polaroid photo-Ray Ten)

Note- Thanks ‘Eastside Bride‘ for the link to this.

3 thoughts on “For The Love Of Polaroids

  1. I went to the Impossible website…all very interesting. I remember having a Polaroid in the late 60’s. I just might visit the NYC store.

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