Inspirational Blog- ‘A Collection A Day’

collection- set of items or objects procured by an individual

For several months I’ve been following the blog ‘A Collection A Day‘ as the author/artist Lisa Congdon posts a different group of objects each day. Some of my favorites so far- golf tees, number 5, coloring crayons, and  light bulbs.

Lisa’s delightful blog inspired me to pull out a few of my own collections which I’ve photographed below-

All my old egg beaters have red handles.

My interest in globes started with the bank in the second row on the left. The smallest globe is actually a pencil sharpener!

Here are just a few vintage postage stamps from Japan. They’re part of a large world stamp collection.

I display these wooden/metal shoe molds on the steps of my stair case.

I love natural objects. All of the bird nests above were found on my parent’s farm in upstate New York.

Some other things I collect- vintage picnic baskets, red and white enamelware, kitchen tools, wicker suitcases, photographs, butterflies, and ABC books.

What collections do you have?

(Photos- Martha B.)

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6 thoughts on “Inspirational Blog- ‘A Collection A Day’

  1. I love your collections. Mine are hats (for me as well as ethnic embroidered to display), vases, watering cans, assorted textiles and ABC books. Why am I not surprised that we have that sub-category of books in common?

    1. Linda- It’s always fun to hear what people collect. :) How did you get started with the ABC books? I began when my son Curtis was born.. and in six years I amassed quite a lot of them. I still look…hoping to find ones that are unique. Any suggestions?

  2. Martha — mine are all packed away while we remodel the library, so I will send you titles when I unpack. I think I just got started as a graphic artist who likes letterforms. I never doodle anything but the alphabet and numbers!

    1. Linda- Ha! I’m a constant doodler too…numbers, plant leaves and faces cover the margins of my notebooks, etc. :)

      I look forward to comparing titles on our ABC books.

  3. Hello Martha!
    Nice collections! the mine are coins (the most of them are old – for example, imperial brazil coin ofd 1800, or half penny of 1948!!), postcards from all over world…

    1. Hi Sabrina- I haven’t heard from you in a while…hope you are well. :) Ahhh…coins. My son is a big coin collector…mainly old nickles.:) Your ‘imperial Brazil coin’ sounds interesting…I’ll have to see if I can find an image on google.

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