StyleFile#58: Going Global

Don’t you find the diversity of traditional costumes from other parts of the world fascinating? Some styles have developed over hundreds of years. Some are no longer worn except as part of celebrations or at festivals.

Fashion designers and stylists often draw inspirations from one or several countries to create something totally unique. Take a look-

A riot of bright colors, exotic prints….

Vest designed by Anna Tilman

…multiple layers…

Sweater (left) designed by Sarah Hatton

Vest (right) designed by Amanda Crawford

… and amazing textures are found in an article from Rowan Knitting & Crochet Magazine #39, 2006.

Necklace designed by Sharon Miler

American Vogue did something similar in a spring 2010 photo shoot called ‘The Wanderers.’ Mixing it up- Versace dot jacket, trousers and dress worn with an Escada blouse and Duro Olowu floral skirt.

Resting easy- Lanvin beaded dress, Miu Miu cropped trousers and Ann Taylor cashmere cardigan. Jutta Neumann sandals.

Seeing double- Missioni sweater and dress (left) and Missioni tank, cardigan, bodysuit and skirt (right). Louis Vuitton footwear.

(Vogue photos- Arthur Elgort. Stylist- Tonne Goodman)

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Book- ‘Costumes And Styles’


4 thoughts on “StyleFile#58: Going Global

    1. tangyanan- Absolutely…what about adding some simple beaded jewelry from other countries to your wardrobe?

  1. Oh wow, I had the book that those traditional costume illustrations are from. I remember always going to that page, but I can’t remember what book it was from (was it the encyclopedia, haha?). Thanks for the memory!

    1. Hi Haley- Ahh…you guessed correctly. The images come from an article on traditional costumes in an old encyclopedia…:)

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