Excerpts From Our House

Our living room was completely gutted in order to fix major structural problems, faulty wiring and bad plumbing. While we had the room open right down to the studs, I took the time to rearrange the space and include some much needed architectural elements which included wainscot. The term wainscot refers to wood paneling covering a portion of a room’s walls. My inspiration came from several books on the Craftsman style made popular by Gustav Stickley.  I drew up a plan using plywood, moldings and brackets to create the look I wanted.

My husband nailed quarter-inch birch plywood over the sheet rock held up just below the height of the one by eight baseboard. That “stretched” the four foot wide sheets of plywood into almost a five foot high wainscot. Then he added two and half inch by half inch ash slats vertically along with one by four on the flat that serves as a narrow shelf supported by pine brackets that Dad made. Cove moulding finishes the vertical to horizontal pieces. All this was hand painted for texture.

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Note- The shelf is just the right width to display assorted nature objects…like small animal skulls, nests, rocks, etc.

(Photos- Martha B.)

6 thoughts on “Excerpts From Our House

    1. Emily- When I was fresh out of design school I was into change…like painting rooms every year a new color! My poor husband. He put up with a lot. Now…now I’m more content with who I am and I think my home reflects that. :)

  1. We just started our remodeling project but luckily we are only going to the studs in limited area for re-wiring and insulation. M. is taking lots of before pix. In the past two days he has taken a truck load of wall board etc. plus 22 construction size bags of debris to the dump. This is our economizing measure: saves us the $450 the dumpster costs!

    I love seeing how you actually did that construction work. This time we’re having most of the work done by pros. But I have to admit that doing it yourself makes the finished product even more wonderful.

    1. Linda- When it comes to working on our house, my husband and I don’t like to spend money on jobs that we know we can do ourselves. But we’ve also learned to pick our battles…certain jobs that were beyond our comfort level, we hired out- like plumbing and ceramic tiling.

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