Get The Look #7: Dressing Room


Every woman desires her own dressing room for putting on clothing and applying makeup. The best part would be the opportunity to decorate it with all things féminin. Take some cues from this photo- try romantic floral wallpaper, a fantastic display of framed fashion sketches, foot stools for perching on and a vase filled with fresh pink roses.

Get The Look!

Interior Details-

1. Fashion sketches by René Bouché

2. Wallpaper– Boussac’s Tarentelle

3. Vintage perfume bottles- Ebay

4. Pink roses

5. Glass dressing table

6. Cotton nautical shirt– J.Crew

7. Foot stools

(Photo- Francesco Lagnese for Town & Country. Collage- Martha B.)

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4 thoughts on “Get The Look #7: Dressing Room

    1. Emily- My friend Joanne D. lives in an old house and has a dressing room/office space off the master bedroom which is very cool. I’ll have to see if she’ll let me take some photos of it.

    1. Lauren-Isn’t it?! I think it’s the combination of that wallpaper and the fashion sketches that gets me…

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