5 thoughts on “Grab Bag

  1. I’ve read it! Protagonist much smarter than anyone I’ve met of that age, but otherwise a great read.

    Interesting aside: Alan Bradley was over seventy when he published this first novel!

    1. Hi Fran- I just started this book last night…and I love it. You’re right…Flavia is very precocious yet a delightful character. No…I had no idea Bradley was in his seventies. It’s so inspiring to hear when people start careers (writing, painting, etc.) later in life…:)

  2. Well, we don’t actually start late – we’ve usually been doing it all our lives (I know of what I speak), but finally doing something about it seems to come with the freedom after the kids are grown, especially if we’re single parents.

    Love your site, by the way.

    1. Fran- Yes…the gift or ability lies dormant until the conditions are right for it to flourish. :)

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