Lil’Pix #101: Rustic Foyer

I love how this small entryway makes up for its lack of space by the selections of paint colors, furniture and accessories.  Rough plaster walls and floors are a pale yellow and a grass-green. Furniture is minimal. A simple book shelf is topped with a plank whose contents are concealed with a bold striped fabric thumb tacked in place. Note how the black chair picks up the dark frames of the pictures on the wall. Natural objects such as the bird nests and the three walking sticks are perfect rustic complements.

(Photo- Steve Gross and Sue Daley from the book ‘Lost & Found‘)

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2 thoughts on “Lil’Pix #101: Rustic Foyer

    1. Chelsea- I wish this was my house. It’s funny that you should say that it is ‘so me.’ I appreciate many different eras of interior design but I could never personally live in them. Believe me…I have tried to live with more contemporary things…but it’s like wearing a pair of shoes that don’t fit. I always come back to old homes and old stuff. :)

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