Fashion Inspiration- Head Scarves

Head scarves trace their history as far back as ancient Rome when men used them to wipe their faces and necks. That much needed item became a fashion statement as men belted them at the waist or tied them around the neck. Not long afterward, women adopted the linen cloth into their own wardrobes. They’ve been a part of the fashion vocabulary ever since.

Details- blue print scarf at Asos (upper left), knotted scarf via Camp Comfort (middle), tulle scarf worn over a straw hat via little things magazine (upper right), cotton fabric as head scarf (lower right), sash by Kling (lower left), face covered by floral pink scarf by photographer Arthur Elgart (middle left).

(Top photo- Gudrum Sjödén)

Update 2/2014- Spring at Haversack.


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4 thoughts on “Fashion Inspiration- Head Scarves

  1. Chelsea- Oh…your granny looks so fashionable in hers. My grandmother didn’t wear scarves but she adored hats…and made many of them herself. :)

  2. When I was growing up you would see all the old European ladies wearing “babushkas,” rather than scarves. I sometimes wore a long East Indian tie-dyed one wrapped around my head with the ends tied in front as they were very skinny. Also used to wear a scarf when a straw hat was a bit big as a way to get it to stay in place and add a bit of color and layering.

    1. Linda- I wore headscarves when I was younger not so much now. Although…I did knit one recently in a kerchief style that’s fun.

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