Stylish Sophia Loren

Fashion Details-

Navy blue dress– Burberry

Sleeveless check dress– Christopher Kane

Ballerina flats– L.K. Bennett

Watch- Timex

Merino wool cardigan– J.Crew

Skirt– Marni

(Photos of Sophia Loren- Life Archive. Collage- Martha B.)

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8 thoughts on “Stylish Sophia Loren

  1. Timeless looks :) She is gorgeous! She still is a beautiful woman, but I wish she did not do all the nipping and tucking.

    1. Alicia- She’s still very beautiful…and she’s in her mid seventies now. Maybe the ‘nipping and tucking’ is to show off her hourglass figure. :)

    1. Thanks, Miss B. I remember watching on TV the first movie I ever saw with Sophia…she starred with Cary Grant in ‘Houseboat’. The best scene is when they’re dancing…:)

    1. Hi Jenn- Would you call her a style icon? I think I would. She doesn’t try to dress ‘young’ like a teenager… but has maintained her own womanly sense of beauty and fashion for years.

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