Stylish Sophia Loren

Fashion Details-

Navy blue dress– Burberry

Sleeveless check dress– Christopher Kane

Ballerina flats– L.K. Bennett

Watch- Timex

Merino wool cardigan– J.Crew

Skirt– Marni

(Photos of Sophia Loren- Life Archive. Collage- Martha B.)

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Quirky & Fun Bridal Looks…

…from none other than J.Crew.

A gold dress gets a casual leather belt and preppy loafers.

Forget the heels!  Wear your strapless dress with white brogues.

Replace the cardigan with a fur vest.

Inspirational Blog- ‘Amateur Couture’

Art and fashion have always had a close relationship. Each often pulling ideas from the other. What a delightful surprise to find the blog ‘Amateur Courture‘ whose author puts a wide range of art work alongside designer clothing with some amazing results. I was inspired by what I saw there, so I tried my own combination with artist Elizabeth Bauman and designer Marc Jacobs-

Army Days

art: Elizabeth Bauman * fashion: Marc Jacobs