Hair- The Topknot

1. Begin by catching a ponytail at the top of your head. The easiest way to do that is to bend from the waist and brush your hair forward, from the hairline to the tips. Gather all of your hair in one place and straighten up. Be sure the sides, back and front are smooth, then secure it all with a covered elastic band.

2. Brush the tail smooth and hold it with one hand; twist it loosely. Put the index finger of the other hand in front of the band and wrap the twist around its own base using free fingers to guide it gently. Pin it securely.

(Illustration and instructions- Seventeen Guide to Hair, 1969/70)

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Update 8/17/2010- A fun combination of topknot and scarf!


6 thoughts on “Hair- The Topknot

  1. How timely! I was just asking my sister today how she does this. Now I just have to get my hair to grow out a little faster!

    1. Julie- Glad the instructions helped. Can you believe this is from a 1969/70’s booklet? Fashion and hair styles are always repeating themselves…:)

  2. Pretty helpful, just what i was searching for. For a woman, it is as necessary to know how to do a topknot as it is necessary for men to know how to tie a tie.

  3. I’ve been wearing my hair in a topknot pretty much every day since February!

    This results in part from laziness but also because it is such a carefree, beautifully elegant look.

    It amuses me that the picture originates from late 1969, and yet here we are again, with the topknot firmly back on trend.

  4. Sarah- I’ve been checking this booklet to see what is the next big hair style and found one called the ‘Quick Time Pin Up’. Ever hear of it?

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