StyleFile #58: Displaying Beach Shells

If you’re like I am, you already have a bunch of sea shells from numerous trips to the beach. The challenge is how best to display them. Here are just a few ideas to inspire you-

An old sewing cabinet is what I use to store my collection of sea shells. I lined the drawers with vintage maps and then piled the shells on top. I purposely leave the top drawer open for the curious visitor.

My ‘less is more’ approach-  one giant star fish rests on the frame of a 1940’s portrait in our bedroom.

Sometimes a collection becomes a passion! Beautifully arranged by stylist/author Sibella Court.

Don’t you love this? The shells are carefully drilled with holes and then sewn onto cotton voile fabric draperies. For full instructions- ‘Interior Details‘ by Andrea Spencer.

One of the most creative ways I’ve seen for displaying shells. Narrow wooden shelves are installed to wrap around this bathroom. A beautiful shade of sea foam blue paint acts as the perfect backdrop.

(Photos #1 & 2- Martha B., #4- Graham Rae, #5- Elle Decor)

11 thoughts on “StyleFile #58: Displaying Beach Shells

    1. Hi Rouenna- I didn’t photograph this idea…but I buy small square plastic boxes from the Container Store that hold around half a dozen shells each. Then I tuck them in the book shelves.You could also try placing two of these boxes as bookends. Very little space required. :)

  1. I love what you did with your shells because it is so much less labor intensive than the others (and less of a dust catcher). Sometimes I ignore dust on our objects and sometimes it’s all I can see.

    1. Linda- I hear you! That big starfish on the frame gets dusted a couple times a year! :)

  2. I once envisioned my master bath this way and even went so far as to paint it this color. Somehow the shelves never presented themselves though but I still love the idea of this bath.

    1. Karyn- What color paint did you use? I’d enjoy seeing a photo of your bathroom. :)

  3. Hidden Spring from the Olympic, Biltimore Estate Collection is a good color for this look but trust me, you wouldn’t want to see a photo since the look was never completed. I’m unfortunately a 90% finisher when it comes to things in my own home. I didn’t mention that we have blue tile in there along side the pretty turquoise, the tile’s not so pretty. I do intend to fix the bath this summer but this time, I can’t ignore the blue tile when I make my color choice as much as I’d like to.

    1. Karyn- Thanks for the information…I’m always searching for paint. When we did our living room I bought 6-8 quarts trying to get the right mix of color.
      Have you ever thought of painting over the tile?

  4. Martha, I have. My husband would never go for it though so I’ll have to tough it out until we win the lottery.

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