American Snapshots

My latest interest is collecting American snapshots from 1890-1940. I bought a handful at the flea market and started putting them in a small album. This is one of my favorites. Check out the fashion- notably the woman’s breeches.

Written on the back– ‘Ed, Lilian and Bob in Maine, July 1931’

(Click image to enlarge)

Note- Visit ‘Square America’ for more snapshots. Thanks for the link  Stephanie.

4 thoughts on “American Snapshots

    1. Lauren- Another collector! I know what you mean…it’s fun looking at them…the history, fashion,etc. I’m hooked and wish now that I had bought more. Do you search for certain themes with yours?

  1. It’s her shoes that I love! We have lots of old family photos — including a couple of tintypes of my grandmother. Sometimes I wonder what will happen to them; many more photos than kids to inherit them. Maybe I should think about all the people like you who will find them someday and treasure them without any familial attachment.

    1. Linda- There are lots of people and organizations (historical societies) that would love your photos. The main thing to do now is write down the background of each photo (names, places, events, etc.)

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