Photo-A-Day started out as a series of daily emails and photographs to my family in North Carolina. I thought it would fun to occasionally post some for the readers of ‘Nibs.’


Thanks for taking the time to drive us to see that old farm for sale. I still wonder about it…especially the outer building with the metal roof. Do you think it was a summer kitchen or maybe the original house? I dream of turning it into my studio.

Let me know how the book sale went.



(Photo- Martha B.)

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4 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day

  1. This is such an evocative photo, but I know I am a longtime home owner when all I can think about is that peeling paint at the bottom which suggests wet wood and rot! Fading houses are so beautiful as they slowly disappear.

    1. Linda- Oh..I know. We’ve done two old houses (1927 & 1904) and each one had its problems (electrical, plumbing or structural). When we looked at this 1890’s farm we could tell right away it would need major work…more money than we have. Yet, at the same time, there was a beautiful sense of history about the place. This kind of house and land are getting harder to find. Most of them face the wrecking ball of developers.

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