Happy Mother’s Day

Thursdays in fourth grade were great. At exactly 9:30 a.m. the art teacher would arrive with her rolling cart loaded with brightly-colored construction paper, glue, and anything else her young Picassos needed to create their masterpieces. We made all kinds of things- clay trivets, bag puppets and cool papier-mâche’ animals. For holidays we would put together our own greeting cards. The Mother’s Day card required us to assemble flowers by cutting out various paper petals and layering them. It was a challenge but I was bound to redeem myself after messing up my mom’s kitchen with a DIY sugar bead necklace project. Happy endings ensued- I was pleased with my efforts and Mom loved her card.  On a side note, she and I still talk and laugh about those crazy sugar beads…but that’s a story for another time.

Here’s the Mother’s Day card and…

…some fun enamel flower pins that brings out the fourth grader in me!

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