mARTha’s photography #21

Ever since I was fifteen I’ve gone to the annual Memorial Day parade in town. It’s nothing spectacular. Just your average small town parade with a band, antique cars (the mayor rides in a bright red one), kids on bikes and the old war veterans walking, slowly now, but very proudly  down Main Street.  There’s something about this holiday that binds our community. Maybe it’s that for one day out of the year, we collectively leave our homes, stand should-to-shoulder with our neighbors and reflect on the sacrifices…and the blessings we have in this great nation.

(Photos- Martha B.)

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Get The Look #5: Tiny Home Office


A section of the owner’s living room is set up with a tiny home office. What makes it special is the creative choices they made for wall covering, furniture and accessories.

Get The Look!

Interior details-

1. Metal stool– Wisteria

2. My own yellow rose wallpaper, Gilbert W.P. Co. c.1935 (for similar try Second Hand Rose)

3. Rotary telephone

4. Galvanized container

5. Lamp

6. Vintage drafting table– 1st Dibs

(Collage- Martha B.)

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Tall’n Small

Do you have a friend who is taller or shorter than you are? I think that’s why I was interested in this old photo depicting women with obvious height differences. My friend Margot is quite a bit taller than I am. (I stand at 5’4″ in bare feet.) It’s not really an issue with me…unless she wears something that looks great on her nice tall figure. Something I know I  could never make work on my smaller one. That’s when I wish I could stretch myself an additional three inches!

The new magazine ‘the gentlewoman‘ must have been reading my mind.  They have a timely article on a dilemma all women face- picking the right clothing to fit us whether we’re tall or small. The magazine’s first challenge- summer shorts.

Marta (small) and Sofia (tall) are models and best friends. The shorts they’re wearing are from two different designers yet the hems fall at the same point on each girl. *Fit is crucial.

Both are in silk shorts by Marc Jacobs. But the proportions are different. Notice how Marta’s shorts show off more leg than her friend’s shorts. This gives the illusion of added height. (The platform shoes help, too!) Sofia’s shorts suit her long lean frame. *Think about proportions.

Marta’s one button white shorts from American Apparel and Reiss tank top with thin stripes are scaled to her tiny build. Bolder stripes on the Uniqlo shirt and three button A.P.C. shorts are better for Sofia. *Don’t forget scale.

(Vintage photo, c.1900-1915- my collection. Fashion photos- Daniel Riera)

Woman Photographer- Helen Johns Kirtland

As a woman and photojournalist for the Leslie’s Illustrated Weekly, Helen Johns Kirtland (shown below) was given the rare opportunity to be on the front lines during World War I (1914-1918).

She faced all the hazards- bombs, sniper’s bullets and gas attacks in an effort to convey the war through the visual aid of photography.

In 1981, the Library of Congress received a donation of Helen’s photographs. Two hundred were of the war and its aftermath.