Laura Ashley Brides- 1983

I snatched this vintage Laura Ashley bridal booklet off of ebay last week. Although a lot of the dress designs predate my working for the company, I still enjoy looking at  them. I think you will too.

What a hat! Doesn’t it remind you of ‘My Fair Lady?’

A strong accent color like red is fun and unexpected.

The bride wears a strapless white moire taffeta dress with matching jacket. Her attendants are in floral cotton lawn.

Tea length white dresses (spotted muslin on the left and Swiss cotton voile on the right) are inspired by the 1920’s.

Lots of ruffles and straw hats.

I love the combination of black and white for a bride.

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21 thoughts on “Laura Ashley Brides- 1983

  1. HafrenSab- I was pleasantly surprised with the photos of the 1920’s era dresses…my favorites.

    Georganna- Isn’t that beautiful?! I love some of the other styling ideas…shoes (lace up boots in first photo), straw hats, jewelry (cameos on ribbons), etc.

  2. so glad i found your blog. god i love the interweb.

    i too dream about having multiple weddings. (to the same guy of course)


    1. Ashley- Welcome to nibs. I agree…it would be fun to try out different wedding ideas…yet keep the same groom. :)

    1. HafrenSab- These bridal catalogs are hard to come by. Most people threw them out…so I couldn’t wait to take a look at this one. And you’re right…the dresses are pretty.

  3. i love these, especially the one with the black sash. i’m actually thinking of doing a similar style (edwardian) for when i get married. see not all clothes from the 8o’s are creepy, just the hair, ha ha

    1. Emilie- Your idea for an Edwardian wedding dress sounds beautiful. Be sure to send me pictures!

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for posting the pictures of the edwardian bridal dresses. I was married in the second one and still have it.

    1. Hi Lisa- That’s a classic Laura Ashley dress…and a popular one that they carried in their collection for several years. Any chance I could see a photo of you in it? :)

  5. It was my dress too! April 12, 1986. My sister-in-law managed the store in Houston. I still have it, and we celebrated our 25th anniversary in Paris last year!

    1. Congratulations on your 25th…and in Paris!! Here’s a toast to the next twenty five…may they filled with happiness! :)

  6. I have one of these dresses in the brochure. I was looking at selling it, any tips. Does Laura Ashley still make wedding dresses?. Thanks julie

    1. Hi Julie- Are you sure you want to sell it? Is there anyone from your family that would be interested in it? Just checking to make sure you want to part with it.:) Options- I read somewhere that the Laura Ashley Co. was looking for people to donate vintage pieces for their archive. I don’t know if they’re still actively doing this. You could email the company and inquire. If you want to sell the dress there’s always ebay or craigs list. Use ebay to gauge pricing. Lastly…if I knew which dress you wanted to sell… I could make a note on this post about it and link it to either your blog (if you have one) or your email address. Let me know. Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Janel- Glad you enjoyed this. Be sure to go to the ‘search’ button and type out Laura Ashley…I have all kinds of related posts tucked away in Nibs. :)

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