Wedding Gloves

When my mother was young she never left the house without gloves. And this included her wedding day. By the late 1960’s gloves were passé and mom stored hers in the closet. On a recent visit to my parent’s home, she pulled out several pairs and asked me if I’d like to have them. Absolutely!

A beautiful pair of sheer white gloves that my mom wore on her wedding day.

I love these knitted lace gloves with a pearl button closure.

Note- Brides, you can find some wonderful vintage gloves at estate sales or ebay.

(Hand model- Hope. Photos- Martha B)

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5 thoughts on “Wedding Gloves

  1. Martha — Your mom’s wedding gloves are very similar to the gloves I wore on my First Communion. When I got married in 1988, I went looking for gloves to go with my dress which was cream linen with cotton lace. I found a pair of open work cotton lace gloves in natural, to which I added a small peach-colored satin bow with a rosebud on it.

    I stitched this at the outside seam and kind of pulled the top edge down to add a touch of “rouching” to the gloves. Still have them. Still have everything but the strapless bra and slip. (One of these days I will donate it all to the historical society. First I need to photograph it and find the documentation to submit to the acquisitions committee).

    1. Linda- A friend of my mother’s has quite a few dresses including wedding dresses from her family. I think they date back into the 1800’s and in good condition. I wonder if she would consider donating them to a historical group…before they got ruined.

  2. This brought back memories that I had stored WAY BACK in my brain. Memories of my grandmother almost ALWAYS wearing gloves when she left the house. Thank you for sharing the lovely sentiments and pics too!

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