Garden Note #60: Seed Packets

Packets of seeds can make wonderful gifts for wedding guests. This one is available from the shop at Thomas Jefferson’s historical garden at Monticello.

(Photo- Martha B.)

Updated: 1/23/2013– West Elm now sells the Hudson Valley artist seed packets!



5 thoughts on “Garden Note #60: Seed Packets

  1. Martha — I have seeds from Monticello, Mount Vernon and Versailles that friends brought back from their visits. I’ve never planted any of them; just kept them as souvenirs. But the best one is “Kucinich Iowa Corn: Planting Seeds of Hope” from Dennis Kuciniich’s presidential primary campaign in 2004! (They’re actually organic Bantam variety from Seed Savers).

    1. Linda- I know how you feel…I haven’t planted these seeds either. I love the design on the packet…it’s a wood cut print.

    1. Hi Andy- You might be interested in the link I put on this post for the packets done by artists. :)

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