Christmas Craft #10: Dog Ornament

One Christmas I decided to make dog shaped cookies for our friends and neighbors. It was a big hit! This year I took the same cookie cutter and created the ‘Jasper Ornament’-  named after our family dog.

Here’s how-

1. Use a dog cookie cutter as your pattern and trace two pieces onto a scrap of wool or felt material. Cut them out.

2. On one piece embroider the dog’s nose (quick stitch) eye (french knot) collar (chain stitch) etc.

3. Put the two pieces together using the outline stitch. Just before you finish, stuff the body with polyester fiberfill.

4. Complete with extra thread for hanging.

Note- Several different kinds of dogs on the same tree could be really fun.

(Photo- Martha B.)

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Updated 09/2013-  I wonder if West Elm is reading Nibs?! A bunch of dog ornaments for Christmas- get them while supplies last. Or make your own. :)



3 thoughts on “Christmas Craft #10: Dog Ornament

    1. Thanks lna. I made this ornament thinking I was going to have a tree this year but decided not to put one up. So…I’ll save it for next year. I might even take my own suggestion- make several different breeds of dogs for ornaments and use on a small table top tree. :)

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