Shop Your Closet #5

My friends Margot and Hope are joining me in a series of posts called ‘Shop Your Closet.’  The idea is to take pieces of clothing from our three separate wardrobes and put them together in fresh, creative ways. We hope you’ll enjoy these and feel inspired your own closet!

Hope is in front of the Bogert Built Furniture shop which is in a quiet residential section of town. More than a hundred years ago the Bogert family operated this store and a small mill. By the 1970’s the mill was gone.  I remember my parents visiting old Mr. Bogert (probably the grandson of the original owner) and bringing pieces of furniture for him to repair.

Fashion Details-

White shirt, vintage vest and Old Navy black oxfords (shoelaces replaced with ribbon)– from Margot’s closet

Men’s wool pants, knitted suspenders, felt hat and grandfather’s wrist watch– from my closet

Red socks– from Hope’s closet

(Fashion photos- Martha B.)

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12 thoughts on “Shop Your Closet #5

  1. A big thank you for all the comments and emails we’ve gotten since the series began. We appreciate it so much. We have more photos coming and even a few surprises! :)

  2. That is adorable. It’s got Annie Hall elements mixed with new accents. Not sure if I could pull if off personally as I’m a little on the short side but love it otherwise.

  3. nice pics and I like the look. I knew Dick Bogert who was a owner of Bogert Built Furniture, and his lovely wife Harriet. Top 5 best people I’ve ever met in my life. I think it’s cool I just randomly stumbled on this.

    1. Marcus- What a small world! I knew Mr Bogert but not his wife. Several years ago the building was sold to an architect who restored it.

  4. Old Mr. Bogert was my Grandfather and my mother’s (Jean W.) father, and Dick was my uncle and one of Jean’s brother. I found this site from an email sent from my cousin Jim Bogert (in California), one of Dick’s sons. I also know Martha B, Margot and Hope. Hope looks cute in the outfit. Small world isn’t it?

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