Shop Your Closet #4

My friends Margot and Hope are joining me in the fourth post of ‘Shop Your Closet.’  The idea is to take pieces of clothing from our three separate wardrobes and put them together in fresh, creative ways. We hope you’ll enjoy these and feel inspired to…shop your own closet!

Believe it of not, Laura Ashley wasn’t all floral printed dresses. In fact many of the items I wore while working for the company were far from what people associated with the British designer. For instance I had a pair of riding breeches, a black mini-skirt, a fun jumpsuit, striped shorts and my favorite- a velvet trimmed tweed suit. I thought you’d enjoy seeing it. But I also had another reason for showing you the suit- it will be featured in two future posts…so stay tuned!

Fashion Details-

Tweed suit, antique mourning pins and tights– from my closet

Black suede shoes– from Hope’s closet

(Fashion photo- Martha B.)

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    1. Linda- Not sure if you can see the mourning pins in the link…but they’re all men with mustaches. Another one of my quirky collections! :)

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