Last year my husband and I visited some friends in their new custom built home. They were excited to show us the great room, living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom suite with two walk in closets, five bedrooms, three baths, enclosed porch, deck and last but not least, the colossal garage. This is all for two people!  Later, my husband and I agreed that when we move again, we’d never buy such a huge house. We’d downsize into something smaller with loads of character and history…something like this.


(Photos by Sandra Lane for The World Of Interiors)

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14 thoughts on “Downsizing

  1. I did just that in 2004 and have never been happier. My cottage is perfect and I use every room. Great ones aren’t that easy to find so you should begin your search long before you want to move.

    1. ‘Content’- We began our search this summer! We found one that was an old school house made over into a residence…and loved it. But it was out of our price range.

  2. Such gorgeous homes!! Older houses always feel more inviting and warm. I have always chosen to live in smaller places –it’s just less stress [and less cleaning!]

    1. Hi Tara- Our old home is on the small side, but it has three floors including the attic…so, cleaning is a bit of a workout. :)

  3. When we moved into our house 15 years ago, we were embarrassed that it had 4 bedrooms for two people. We have a guest room, M got a sitting room and I got a sitting room (each with good reading chairs and bookcase and desk) and then our actual bedroom. But given our house is a 1950s ranch, the garage is one-car and the kitchen is small. Compared to your friends, we live in a cottage. It’s hard to imagine that much space for two people. The home that is featured in the Steve Martin/Goldie Hawn movie, “Housesitter,” was designed as a small home for House Beautiful magazine and has always been a favorite. Watch the movie just for the house if you haven’t already seen it.

  4. I love this. And I completely agree with you. I would rather have a small space, full of character and be able to afford select pieces that I truly loved than have loads of rooms to fill that I never actually lived in and chairs that were never sat in…

    1. Jane,

      Have you ever read the book ‘The Not So Big House’ by Sarah Susanka? She’s an architect who has been advocating the designing of smaller homes for years…check out her website under the same title.

  5. So right you are! I’m beginning to tire of trying to make “new” look “old” in my clients’ homes… especially out here in California… we could use some lessons in the beauty of natural maturing!

    1. Hi Emily- Oh…absolutely…there’s beauty in leaving the age of rooms alone. I think you and I would have a lot to talk about! :)

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