Lil’Pix #99: Quilts


As newlyweds I loved decorating our first apartment. Back then I used a lot of rustic country pieces including a collection of family quilts. I displayed them on my antique iron beds and hung some on the wall. When my interests changed so did my decor; away went the quilts into the nearest closet, until now. Perhaps it’s the new surge in craftmaking that has me appreciating them all over again.

(Photo- source unknown)

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The Return Of ‘More Dash Than Cash’.

In April, British Vogue Magazine reinstated one of its classic features- ‘More Dash Than Cash.’  It was during the 1970’s through the early 1980’s (I think I got the dates right) that it was a popular segment encouraging and instructing women that to have style didn’t need to be dictated by their bank account. Later, Vogue published several books using the same title. Can Vogue’s ‘More Dash Than Cash’ inspire consumers in a troubled economy? From what I’ve seen so far, they’re on the right track!


April- ‘Safari Style’


May- ‘Micro Flowers’


August- ‘Classic Remix’


September-  ‘The Great Outdoors’


October- ‘Forward March’

Note- Because of space, I’ve selected one picture from each theme. June and July have been omitted.

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A Page From ‘Vogue- More Dash Than Cash’ (book)

Then&Now: Grace


Then- Grace Coddington: Fashion model, 1960’s.


Now– Grace Coddington: Fashion Editor for Vogue Magazine, book author and surprising star of ‘September Issue.’

(Photos- French Vogue, Lula Magazine)

Update 7/27/2011– Grace has written her memoir!

Update 5/26/2012- Grace’s memoir is scheduled for release this November

Update 11/23/2012- Grace Coddington graces the cover of i-D Magazine. Photo by Arthur Elgort.

Update 12/2/2012- A few of Coddington’s favorite things: Ship hat from photo shoot, antique cat mask, old mickey mouse figurine,  two Steiff cats (she has over 100), photo of her late sister, Rosemary c. 1950’s, collection of sheep, original book cover by Michael Roberts (Grace: 30 Years of Fashion at Vogue), Zack Carr line drawing, pages from her new book (Grace: A Memoir). Photo by Zachary Zavislak.


Update 6/2015– Coddington releases two books with Phaidon.

Update 6/2016- Dove Soap campaign with Grace Coddington.

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Book- ‘New York Living Rooms’


My mother was visiting me and she pulled this book off the shelf. I watched as she flipped through the pages and knew by her puzzled expression that she was not impressed.

“Is the book supposed be this way?” she asked, “I mean..the pictures seem different.”

“Yes, the photographer used polaroid  film that’s now discontinued. And she didn’t want a stylist to rearrange furniture or add accessories to the room either. So…it’s just as the owner lives in the space.” I replied.

Mom opened the book again. “And you like this?”

I nodded. “I think what I appreciate is seeing the rooms as they really are…not made over for a glossy magazine.”

“Mmmm…OK. I understand now.” She set the book down and picked up Elle Decor instead.

(Photo by Dominique Nabokov for her book ‘New York Living Rooms,’ 1998.)

Jacques Henri Lartigue


“…From the earliest possible age Jacques Henri Lartigue (French photographer and artist, 1894-1986) kept a little diary. At the top of each page there was always a drawing of the sun or a cloud…and some initials: T.B., B., T.T.B. They stood for Tres Beau. Beau. Tres, tres beau…That was the weather. It was always a good day. It almost never rained. Ever… And then there would be a quick description of what he did that day. Who visited the house. Where they went…And half the page devoted to drawings of what he’d photographed, because the developing was a very risky process and often the pictures didn’t come out. So, afraid that he might never see the pictures that he’d taken, Lartigue would draw from memory what he’d photographed. And in the diaries, which went on for many years, you can see the photographs that have since become masterpieces…drawn…”

Richard Avedon, February 15, 1970.


‘Louis Ferrand and Jean Haguet in Wheeled Bobsled’- photo

by Jacques Henri Lartigue, 1911.

(Journal page and quote- ‘Diary of A Century‘)