Jacques Henri Lartigue


“…From the earliest possible age Jacques Henri Lartigue (French photographer and artist, 1894-1986) kept a little diary. At the top of each page there was always a drawing of the sun or a cloud…and some initials: T.B., B., T.T.B. They stood for Tres Beau. Beau. Tres, tres beau…That was the weather. It was always a good day. It almost never rained. Ever… And then there would be a quick description of what he did that day. Who visited the house. Where they went…And half the page devoted to drawings of what he’d photographed, because the developing was a very risky process and often the pictures didn’t come out. So, afraid that he might never see the pictures that he’d taken, Lartigue would draw from memory what he’d photographed. And in the diaries, which went on for many years, you can see the photographs that have since become masterpieces…drawn…”

Richard Avedon, February 15, 1970.


‘Louis Ferrand and Jean Haguet in Wheeled Bobsled’- photo

by Jacques Henri Lartigue, 1911.

(Journal page and quote- ‘Diary of A Century‘)

4 thoughts on “Jacques Henri Lartigue

  1. His photos are some of my favorites – completely and utterly winsome. Howard Greenberg has an exhibit up that I got to see this week – just wonderful.

    We should all be so lucky to have so many beau days.

    1. Stephanie- I just finished two books on his life and work…his early photos (my favorites!) are filled with such youthful enthusiasm! :) I hope to see the exhibit at Greenberg’s Gallery…I think they’re having it for another week.

  2. Hey,

    I’m absolutely in love with Jacques Henri Lartigue’s work, I saw a great exhibition last year. Sorry to react about this, but he’s called LartiGue and not LartiQue! Otherwise, I’m happy to see some other people like his photos. Have a nice day!

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