Book- ‘New York Living Rooms’


My mother was visiting me and she pulled this book off the shelf. I watched as she flipped through the pages and knew by her puzzled expression that she was not impressed.

“Is the book supposed be this way?” she asked, “I mean..the pictures seem different.”

“Yes, the photographer used polaroid  film that’s now discontinued. And she didn’t want a stylist to rearrange furniture or add accessories to the room either. So…it’s just as the owner lives in the space.” I replied.

Mom opened the book again. “And you like this?”

I nodded. “I think what I appreciate is seeing the rooms as they really are…not made over for a glossy magazine.”

“Mmmm…OK. I understand now.” She set the book down and picked up Elle Decor instead.

(Photo by Dominique Nabokov for her book ‘New York Living Rooms,’ 1998.)