A Page From ‘Vogue- More Dash Than Cash’


“…Anti-fashion cults often reflect hard times, when escapism is more inviting than reality. Nostalgia rules in these photos of a careful jumble of menswear and second-hand clothes, sharpened with some inevitable high fashion tweeds…”

the fashion resource guide ‘Vogue- More Dash Than Cash’ by Kate Hogg, first published in 1982.

(Photo of book and accessories- Martha B.)


2 thoughts on “A Page From ‘Vogue- More Dash Than Cash’

  1. This is a fascinating lens to look back at trends with … makes me think of the London teddy boys and girls.

    This look is one of my favorites – I guess I am permanently trying to escape.

    1. Stephanie- even with the outdated fashion pictures this book is well written with some great advice about wardrobe planning.

      “Success with today’s fashion relies far more on individual style than on a large budget…”

      And we both must be “trying to escape”…I love classic tweed too! :)

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