Bloomingdale’s Model Rooms

As part of my training for a degree in Interior Design, I had to fulfill four internships. An internship meant that I worked for either an individual designer or a design related business. One of my favorite internships was working for the design service offered at Bloomingdale’s in New Jersey.


They had on staff several well respected designers who took on clients usually through the purchase of furniture and/or accessories. The store also had created four large model rooms where every few months the designers would work their magic using Bloomingdale’s collection of furniture and accessories.


No detail was overlooked. Trades people were called in to do the carpentry, painting, wallpapering, and sewing. Many times there were special orders for custom pieces and antiques- solely to suit the room’s decor. While the rooms were under construction, curtains hid everything from view. Then like theater, when everything was in place, they were pulled back to reveal some pretty amazing spaces.


And like a dope, I never bothered to photograph any of them. So…when I came across this book ‘Bloomingdale’s Book of Home Decorating‘ I was elated. No, there aren’t any pictures of the rooms I had been a part of- it predates that. But it does have plenty of inspiring ones done by the author/designer Barbara D’arcy for the NYC store.


2 thoughts on “Bloomingdale’s Model Rooms

  1. I loved looking at these photographs ! I can certainly understand why you liked that internship so much –

  2. Rebecca,

    I loved the whole ‘theater’ aspect of it…sometimes I think about doing set design.

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