Then&Now: Dior


Then- Life Magazine captured these photos of legendary French designer Christian Dior preparing for one of his fashion shows in the 1950’s. Can’t you just hear the swish of the skirts as each model moves toward Dior for his inspection? And you can almost feel the creative tension as he (upper right) critiques each article of clothing while his assistants quickly take notes for any adjustments.


Now- Inspired by similar shots of Dior dressing his ‘mannequins,‘ Vogue Magazine’s Fashion Editor Grace Coddington and photographer Arthur Elgort created this picture of model Karlie Kloss in a state of chic ‘déshabillé.’ Silk-tulle skirt and bra by Dior Haute Couture.

4 thoughts on “Then&Now: Dior

  1. Lovely post! Thanks so much for showing the old photos. I would like to add that the idea for the new image was actually directly from Galliano’s Dior collection itself, which showed the models in partial dress with underwear, just like in the Vogue image. Galliano has said that he was indeed inspired by the old Dior photos.

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