Cover Girl


From Laura Ashley’s fall fashion catalog in 1983.

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Update 11/16/2012- A similar lace scarf by Jo Gordon. Thanks Chelsea for the suggestion.


9 thoughts on “Cover Girl

  1. Eeek! I owned like 3 of those scarves!!! Wore one until a few years back. I am going to have to post about you twice in one week this is just too good!

  2. You’re too funny Chelsea!

    When I worked for LA…I bought plenty of these scarves…in all different colors. I also gave them as gifts to family and friends. I think my mom still has hers! ;)

  3. Jane,

    I have some. Wish I had saved more of them. One woman, who worked there for 30 years, saved every single catalog that was published.

  4. Amanda,

    You saw it too!!! One of the reasons I loved this old cover was that the model had no make-up!! ;)

  5. This is goooorgeous! People tend to forget that there was good stuff like this in the 80’s too.

    On another note, YAY, I’m so glad you’re back!!!

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