Then&Now: J.Crew

My art school teachers always used to say that in the design world (fashion, interior design, etc) there’s nothing really new. Most of it is simply “re-cycled, re-interpreted, re-worked, and re-issued.” I think that’s why I hold onto old magazines. I enjoy seeing how fashion trends come, go and then come back. Take a look at these pages from J.Crew and you’ll see what I mean.


Then- Fall, 1994. J.Crew model wears flannel plaid shirt, ripped jeans and leather boots.


Now- Fall, 2009. The plaid shirt and ripped jeans reappear with the addition of a pink cardigan, coat and converse sneakers.

13 thoughts on “Then&Now: J.Crew

  1. I love that you have “vintage” j.crew catalogs! How fun. I have dusty memories of some of their old catalogs and always wished I’d kept them.

  2. Chelsea,

    I have quite a few old fashion catalogs…although in our last move my husband made me get rid of some. He told me they were too heavy to transport! :)

  3. I love this! I have been completely obsessed with J Crew’s stuff this season. I think I have flipped through this catalog about 100 times ;) Maybe it is because it all seems so familiar to me…there is definitely a 90’s vibe to it all.

  4. I remember getting J.Crew catalogues back in 1999/2000 when I had no idea who they were! (This was before they re-invented themselves into the brand they are today).
    I love this post for so many reasons. Plus, it makes me wish I was at home (I attend Uni in Switzerland) receiving my J.Crew magazines in the mail :)

  5. Remember when you went to J. Crew to buy something “rugged”? I went searching high and low for comparisons of old and new Crew and stumbled upon your blog. You said everything that I wanted to say about it and you even worded it better. You forgot to mention my all time favorite though…the late 80’s olive green jcrew barn jacket.

    1. Irene- I love fashion catalogs…they’re a great resource for all kinds of ideas…styling, hair, props, display, etc. Keep them! :)

  6. I was just remembering this awesome loungewear collection they did circa 1994 in pastel colors, modeled by ballerinas. Talk about come around again! (any chance you have images from that??)

    1. Hi Shanti- Regretfully no. I have a select few J.Crew catalogs from the 1990’s…but not that one.

  7. I know this is a very random question, but do you happen to have any of the old j.crew catalogs with a male model who is tall, short blonde hair and a prominent nose? I used to have a picture of him on my dorm room wall in college and I said that I would marry a man who looks like him. I wanted to see how close my husband looks to him :) I can’t find any catalogs from the mid 90’s. he would be in 1994-95 for sure. I remember he modeled underwear and pj’s :) any help you could offer would be so wonderful! Thank you!

    1. Anonymous- When my husband and I moved into our current home, I tossed out a lot of magazines (J.Crew among them)…which I regret now. I kept only a handful but none of them fit your description. Have you tried ebay?

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