How To Wear…


…This Fall’s Saddle Shoes.


Take cues from these photos styled by Kapital Jeans– wear them with a loosely structured dress or deeply cuffed jeans and white tunic. Note the no socks rule. However, when the cold winds blow, by all means grab a pair.


Update 7/25/2011- Classic saddle shoes worn with jeans and gray sweatshirt. (Photo- Turned Out)

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9 thoughts on “How To Wear…

  1. Lecia- I do too. Definitely on my ‘to buy list’ this fall. :)

    Roberta- Thanks for the rousing welcome! (wink back)

  2. Saddle shoes brings back memories of my childhood. My Dad made me wear saddle shoes because I quote him “you’re not going to ruin you feet by wearing loafers.”

    1. Ann- I had a pair of saddle shoes as a kid,too. They were two shades of brown suede and came with removable fringe pieces that covered the laces. I still remember thinking how cool they looked.

  3. Great to see them coming back in style. I have worn them for over 40 years.

    1. Miles- You can never go wrong with classics…like these shoes. Have you worn the same pair for 40 years? :)

  4. Not the same pair, just meant I have worn saddle oxfords for that length of time. I did have one pair for over 10 years, having them repaired at least once with new soles and heels, but that cost me about what a new pair would at the time. I now have about 16 different pairs in about every color and style that I have liked over the years. I wear other shoes and boots but the saddles are my favorite.

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