Family Album #5: Weekend Sailing


Ever since our son Curtis learned to sail a Sunfish two years ago, he’s been itching to do some more. So when our friends Peter and Mary offered to take him sailing over the weekend he was more than excited. We drove him to Nyack, New York where they own and store their 23 foot long boat. We couldn’t have asked for better weather- a cool fall day with clear skies and a steady breeze.


Curtis (right) helps Peter and Steve with the main sail.


Finally the sails are ready to be pulled up…


…and catch the wind. The crew sets sail to join an ongoing race on the Hudson River.


My husband and I watch from the comforts of the boathouse porch.

And how did Curtis enjoy his time sailing? He absolutely loved it…especially when Mary let him take the tiller and steer the boat.

(Photos- Martha B.)

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  1. It’s a small world, I grew up in Stony Point NY only a few towns away from Nyack. We spent many a summer day down on the docks near Gedney Street watching the boats take off. Thanks for the memory!

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