A Change Of Seasons


As soon as the ‘Queen Anne’s Lace’ is in bloom, I know summer is ending and fall is just around the corner. I took my friend Hope out for a fun photo shoot in a field of them. What makes you feel the season is about to change?


Fashion- gray wool shorts, Gap denim shirt, hand knit collar with feather, men’s leather belt, Wellington tweed boots.

(Photos- Martha B.)


8 thoughts on “A Change Of Seasons

  1. love it – and i loooove queen anne’s lace. it reminds me of the northwest! the cooler nights are definitely the first sign of fall for me… making me dream of cozy fires and blankets and hot cocoa already!

  2. The angle of the sun, the quality of the night. I sense that change before the weather cools, before the leaves change. That first day when I feel it in late August, I know Fall is coming and I get instantly excited for it and everything it entails.

  3. Wow.. this turned out so great!!! It’s so fun to see your work on here! Love this!!! She’s gorgeous too…very lovely and unique…

  4. it gets dark closer to 8… and the mid atlantic humidity eases off, the air smells crispy, and the cicadas aren’t as loud as early in the morning and I suddenly get the urge to wear long jeans.

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