Garden Note #57: Bumper Crop


I had big plans for the vegetable garden this year and none of them came into fruition. Excuse the pun. The summer months just brought too much rain. The tomatoes rotted on the vine, the zucchini was scarce (six total), just a handful of green beans and the cucumbers never made it past the sprout stage. Ahh…but the blueberries. Well, that’s another story. With twenty six high bush blueberries soaking up the rain and the right amount of sun made for a bumper crop. I’ve been picking every day…sometimes twice a day to keep up. The freezer is stocked for mid-winter treats like blueberry muffins and my favorite…blueberry buckle (an old family recipe from ‘The Boston Globe.’) I didn’t get the garden of produce I imagined this past spring but I’m not complaining. I think I’ll make blueberry pancakes for breakfast tomorrow…anyone care to join me?!

(Photo- Martha B.)

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