My Summer

After three years of no vacations, I was determined that this summer we were going to ‘bust out’ and head south to see my family and friends. Our biggest headache was finding someone to take care of our dog Jasper. But a good friend stepped in and allowed us to go ‘pet free’ which enabled me to completely relax. I can’t stress enough the importance of spending time away from routine. I came back home so refreshed and ready to start my awaiting projects including writing for ‘Nibs’ again.


I enjoyed taking lots of photographs on our trip including these of an old abandoned church in North Carolina.



And now tell me how your summer was.

(Photos- Martha B.)

6 thoughts on “My Summer

  1. Thanks, Chelsea.

    Jane- Oh…how funny! While I was taking these pictures I mentioned to my sister (who was with me) how much I’d love to live in an old church or school house. :)

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