A Laura Ashley Bride- 1986


When Prince Charles wed Lady Diana Spencer in 1981, it ushered in a decade of romantic wedding dresses. They were often overdone with lots of silk and lace. However, Laura Ashley’s bridal collection was simple by comparison.  Her designs were inspired by the Victorian era and made of voile, cotton,  jacquard, moire taffeta or organza. I remember U.S. brides were disappointed by the lack of tulle, but I found them to be a breath of fresh air!


White spotted voile gown worn with wide contrasting ribbon sash was Laura Ashley’s vision of Victoriana.

(Photos- Laura Ashley Bridal Catalog, 1986)


A Portrait Brooch


Although fall is several months away I can’t help but start to plan…at least a little bit. And by little, I mean to find a small portrait brooch similar to the one on this coat’s label. These keepsakes were often hand painted with later versions actual photographs. I found several but they are not cheap!


brooch #1


brooch #2

(Top photo- Garance Dore)