Less Is More


This photo shoot, from British Vogue- 1981, is a beautiful example of ‘less is more.‘  Stylist Grace Coddington, working with photographer Barry Lategan, chose uncomplicated props and a model with very little make-up. Such simplicity was not the norm then and magazine readers responded negatively to the layout. It’s hard to understand now why because the photos capture the perfect balance between fashion and setting- neither are upstaged by the other.




Updated 3/2014Striped jumpsuit (below) for Spring from Toast. Other clothing items include this linen stripe dress, tie front dress and white tunic.


7 thoughts on “Less Is More

  1. Always interesting to look back and discover what seems perfect now but was overlooked then. Every outfit and photo is great; but that last one is stunning!

  2. Isn’t it fantastic how current these looks are? I never would have guessed they were so old… Love it.

    1. Anna- Grace is one of fashion’s great creative forces. I hear she’s writing a book…know anything about it?

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