Garden Note #54: House Plants


My mother always had house plants and I guess I’ve followed her example. Like her, I have them almost in every room of the house- on tables, shelves, wooden plant stands (that my grandfather made) and window sills. Before too long they’ll be transported outdoors to spend the summer on the front porch or back deck steps.

By the way, if you look carefully at the photo, a pair of eyes from a 1940’s painted portrait are peeking through the greenery.

(Photo- Martha B.)


7 thoughts on “Garden Note #54: House Plants

  1. is it a bathroom? i always wanted some plants in my bathroom, but don’t have much light :(

  2. I too love my houseplants, but it’s always a challenge to find something that won’t endanger the cat, who occasionally can’t resist tearing off a leaf and nibbling. Any suggestions on that front?

  3. Hi Nicole,

    My family had cats and they did the same things with houseplants…bite off leaves, etc. I have a dog now who doesn’t seem to interested in them…yet. :)

    Let me check with my mom about ‘safe’ plants…she’s a good one to ask.

  4. Those spider plants do well in the bathroom. We have two in ours at present and they always seem as though they are about to take over.

  5. Nicole,

    I spoke to my mom and sister (horticulture major in college)…they both agreed that pets have to ingest quite a lot of most normal house plants before they’d get sick. They suggested you google…’toxic houseplants for pets’ and see what you get.

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