StyleFile#56: Russian Folk Houses


The Russian Victorian folk houses have several similarities to their western counterparts. They both were built from around 1870 to 1910. They both were one or two stories high and both were identified by their intricate decorative detail. But what I find so remarkable is that some have remained in the same Russian family for generations and consequently, the interiors are layered with history and memories.


Here large water-color paintings are merely thumb-tacked into the wall above a sofa-bed. I love the assortment of pillows- no two alike!


Flowers plucked from outside enhance an already bright yet simple dining room.


The kitchen brick walls and cupboards all get a coat of cool blue paint.


Notice the casual mix of patterns and colors for this bedroom.

(Photos- Tim Walker for Casa Vogue)

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19 thoughts on “StyleFile#56: Russian Folk Houses

  1. Hi there,
    These photos are stunning. I love the pictures of the house and particularly the boy on his bed. Tim Walker is so talented. xo

    1. Kirsten- I love homes that show a lot of history. And Tim Walker knows how to capture them perfectly on film.

  2. eh, it’s typical Russian house. there’re thousand same houses in a village. my prograndmother has similar conditions.
    and Tim’s photos are gorgeous

    1. Xeniya- It’s makes me sad that here in America so many older homes are torn down to make way for big, new ones.

  3. Martha B. – you know in Russian little out-of-the-way place there’re lots of old and very beautiful houses like on the Tim’s photos. but in towns many historical buildings and old homes are rebuild in business centers.. it’s very sad(

    1. Xeniya- Don’t you wish you could buy all the old houses to save them from destruction?

  4. Martha B. – oh, of course I do. but it’s impossible)
    and I’ve just read that you and your family live in a 100 year old house!!
    it’s unreal. like it very much. I think you’re happy to live in such house.

    ..and I really love your blog))

    1. Xeniya- Yes, we live in an old house…the major part built in 1904 with later additions. It had a lot of problems (structural issues, leaking pipes, etc.) but we loved it…and have spent the last 10 years working on it. :)

    1. Lauren- Do you think old homes are mysterious too? I often think about the history of the families that have owned them.

  5. It just makes me miss Russia – glad I am planning a trip back next year. Xeniya – you are right – -it is simply a beautiful typical Russian house…too bad they didn’t photograph a banya or the gardens. (or maybe they did and I missed it?) Regardless the photos are lovely. Thanks for the post Martha.

  6. Hannah- Don’t you love the cat’s eyes?! ;)

    Vicki- I would love to see some of your photos from your trip to Russia. What are the gardens like? :)

  7. Very inspired for my future house!
    These pictures are very nice.I love house’s pothos.

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