A Walk In The Clouds


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mARTha’s photography #11


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While George Washington and his fellow officers stayed at the Ford mansion, his troops camped on the farm property owned by the Hicks family. Their wood home was quite a departure from what we saw in the mansion- here there were just three rooms. The most surprising fact was that everyone slept together in the kitchen. Mom and Dad Hicks got the only bed (more like a bench!) with the children on the floor.


The front facade of the Hicks’ home (top photo) had cedar shakes yet the back and sides of the house (above) were clapboards painted red.


There were several outer buildings on the farm including the smoke house which was used in preparing meats for the winter months.


A split log fence was a standard colonial design that helped contain livestock or designated the farm’s borders. Most of the trees that you see in the photo are ‘new growth.’ Hundreds of acres of trees were cut down by Washington’s men to build their own primitive log structures and to provide heat during the long, cold winter of 1779.

(Photos-Martha B.)

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