Bow Ties…For Women?

If you thought bow ties were just for men, think again. They’re great accessories for women too!


This classic black bow tie adds such a great touch…


…to Ralph Lauren’s white denim jacket and A.P.C. checked shorts.


A vintage framed stamp has been added to this bow tie by Marquis & Camus.  It looks so unexpected worn with…


…a plaid shirt by Ben Sherman and blue shorts from Cheap Monday.

(Fashion photos by Ruven Afanador for Marie Claire)

Note- Don’t forget ebay for vintage bow ties!

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2 thoughts on “Bow Ties…For Women?

  1. I keep finding great vintage little boys’ bow ties while thrifting for like 50 cents each. Now I just need to figure out how to work them into an outfit as well as these. Thanks for the inspiration!

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