The Bride Wore…A Two Piece Ensemble?

When we got married I had my bridesmaids wear separates- Oscar de la Renta burgundy taffeta skirts sewn by my mother and white shirts they chose themselves. I loved the look then and I still do. Maybe that’s why I’m excited about the two piece ensembles that I see designers currently creating for the bride.


Here’s the front and back of a beautiful tunic and gown by Claire Pettibone. The gown is sheer charmeuse and tulle which means the bride’s legs will be visible.


There’s a lot of  wonderful detail on Pettibone’s champagne embroidered tunic worn this time with the ribbon tied in the front.

(Bottom photo by Roberto D’Este for Elegant Bride Magazine)

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4 thoughts on “The Bride Wore…A Two Piece Ensemble?

  1. That tunic is stunning! Normally I find Claire Pettibone’s dresses just a little too much with all of their detailing, but in a short dress it’s just gorgeous.

    Which reaffirms my belief that an awful lot of wedding dresses could be made perfect by chopping at least a foot off the bottom!

    1. Hi ‘Peonies’-

      I have another photo and you can see how sheer the gown part is… which makes the tunic look like a short dress. It’s very different.

  2. I am truly in awe of this designer’s new line for 2009….I myself am a huge fan of Ewa i Walla, and would absolutely love to see what she would create for a wedding….something similar I have a feeling…

    someday I hope to create an organic line of such designs….oh – someday!!

    Thanks for sharing that lovely picture! It really did take my breathe away.

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