Vocabulary #36: Shoe

shoe- an outer covering for the human foot, made of leather, canvas, etc. and usually having a stiff or thick sole and a heel: sometimes restricted to footwear that does not cover the ankle, as distinguished from a boot.

hollandclogs-optWooden clogs- Holland, early 20th century.

ethnicshoe-optTraditional woman’s shoe- Iran, early 20th century.

turkeyshoe-opt‘Stilt stands’ with pearl inlays- Turkey, late 19th century.

wovenshoe-opt Woven straw shoes- Ukraine, late 19th/early 20th century.

japanshoe-optTraditional woman’s shoe- Japan, late 19th century.

2enthicshoe-optUpturned shoe with embroidery- Turkmenistan, 19th century.

chinaslipper-optManchu woman’s shoe- China, 19th century.

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