Then&Now: 1950’s Swimsuits


Then- By the time the 1950’s came around, swimwear was no longer made from wool but from lined cotton or the new synthetic material called Lastex. This allowed designers to create suits (one piece as well as the new two piece) in all sorts of colors and patterns.


Then- The two piece suit here has a solid colored tank and skirt with unmatched bottoms.


Now- Taking a cue from the fun fifties, designer Orla Kiely has included in her spring/summer collection this delightful floral suit and…


…this two piece. Nice detail with the ruffle! And check out her…


...cute bra and skirt ensemble.  Perfect for a day at the beach.

(Top photos- Life Magazine)

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6 thoughts on “Then&Now: 1950’s Swimsuits

  1. I love love love 1950s style swimsuits, I spent so long looking for one 4 years ago to no avail. Now of course they’re everywhere and I can’t afford to go on holiday!

    I adore the ruffle-butt one!

  2. Thank you for sharing this (and the 1920s swimsuit post). These suits are fabulous. And it is interesting to look at the change in women’s bodies in 30 years — from those photographed in the 20s to those above in the 50s. Love, love, love the ruffled bikini.

    1. Robin- I’m so glad you enjoyed these two posts. I love the history of women’s fashions…how things change and why. I’m currently reading a book called ‘Women of Fashion- 20th century Designers’ by Valerie Steele…fascinating! I think you would like it too. :)

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